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Dental Veneers
Portland, OR

Close up of a dental veneer at Uptown Family Dental in Portland, ORA dental veneer is a material made of thin sheathing that is layered on top of the surface of the teeth. Although it is a cosmetic appliance, a veneer can also be applied individually or along with other appliances such as a dental crown. When applied to other appliances, there are many benefits that can be achieved, which the dental professionals at Uptown Family Dental can happily show you.

Teeth That Have Chips Or Cracks Are Protected

When a tooth is chipped or cracked, it becomes weak. Having a weak tooth will ultimately need to be strengthened. Having a veneer is able to provide the strength the tooth needs.

Having a veneer will decrease any pressure that the tooth experiences as it chews. This will lessen the chances for the crack or chip to spread. An obscuring of cracks or chips also takes place when a veneer is applied.

If a veneer is being placed, it will need to be applied correctly in order for it to become unnoticeable. Sometimes, a dentist will decide to have a veneer paired with another appliance. Normally, a crown will be the ideal choice for a pairing.

Gaps Will Be Filled

When a gap exists among the teeth, a veneer will be the next best thing besides dental bonding. This is because veneers are able to provide an extra layer to the teeth and fill in the gaps. The veneer can easily guarantee that the proportion of teeth will be the same while remaining natural-looking.

Shape of A Tooth Can Be Changed

It is not unusual to have a tooth that is not shaped normally. Know that a good way to have it corrected is with veneers. The veneer can easily contour a tooth so that its shape can be modified. Once modified, the tooth can offer a nice balance to the teeth.

Stains Can Be Hidden

When a stain occurs, it can be unsightly. Besides having a bleaching or whitening, a veneer can easily hide the stain permanently. When a stain is removed, the entire outlook for your smile will appear brighter.

Get The Smile You Deserve

Having a great smile is always a goal to achieve and with veneers, your goal can be achieved. With veneers remaining a popular choice among many, the opportunity will always be available when you want them. By discussing the option of veneers with our dentists at Uptown Family Dental, you will know exactly how you may benefit. Contact us today at (971) 417-2135.

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Dental Veneers | Uptown Family Dental | Portland, OR
By discussing the option of veneers with our dentists at Uptown Family Dental, you will know exactly how you may benefit. Contact our Portland, OR office today!
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