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Teeth Whitening
Portland, OR

Close up of smile with bright teeth at Uptown Family Dental in Portland, ORIf you have ever thought about a cosmetic dental procedure or service like whitening your teeth but have no idea on how to get started or what it entails, then you should get a hold of Uptown Family Dental. Our dental experts will educate you on the entire whitening process. You will experience a great whitening while enjoying a brighter smile that improves your confidence.

Get A Boost In Confidence

With teeth whitening, your confidence level will quickly rise. In fact, your whitening may even leave you more surprised than ever. Thus, if your teeth’s whiteness is always in comparison to others, then whitening may be the best thing for you.

Your teeth will no longer be discolored or have stains from food and drinks such as coffee or wine. When a whitening is done professionally, your teeth’s natural brightness will be enhanced. This whitening will ease your mind if you are concerned about discoloration.

From the first whitening you receive, the smile you share will be a noticeable difference. The smile you have will leave you more confident. This is a great advantage to have.

Receive a Whiter Smile

Over time, our teeth will get darker and lose their natural whiteness. This darkening may be caused by many things such as drinking dark liquids, aging, or smoking. By having your teeth whitened, it is able to bring attention to the issues of darkening so that it can be reversed.

When you have a regular teeth whitening by a dental professional, and you make it a regular part of your routine, you are able to prevent future dental issues such as gum disease or gingivitis. Whitening is considered important because it is a good preventative treatment. Regular dental cleanings and exams are able to tell your hygienist all about your teeth and what they have been through.

Rapid Results in a Short Amount of Time

Having a professional whitening accomplished can lead to you never wanting to do the whitening yourself. With a whitening, you will achieve rapid results in a short amount of time. The difference is that the products your hygienist uses will be a higher strength than store-bought products.

Another difference is that the products from a store use abrasives to eliminate stains and are not really whitening your teeth. If the tooth stains are removed, the results could take months to appear. You may not want to wait this long for whitening to happen.

Using whitening kits can also cause unwanted risks of causing permanent damage. However, when a whitening is done professionally, the results are of the highest quality standard. This quality is what allows a significant difference to be seen fast.

Make Your Whitening Appointment Today

At Uptown Family Dental, the whitening process is done in a safe manner that will have your teeth shining and ready to smile in no time. Give us a call at (971) 417-2135 to make your appointment today.

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Teeth Whitening | Uptown Family Dental | dentist Portland, OR
At Uptown Family Dental, the whitening process will have your teeth shining and ready to smile in no time. Give us a call to make your appointment today.
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