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Root Canal
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A model of teeth cleaning with titanium metal tooth pick instrument at Uptown Family Dental in Portland, ORWhen tooth decay advances, it means the tooth has become extremely infected and goes past the point of the dentin. When this happens, the pulp can become affected as well as its tissues and nerves. The tissues within the pulp make their way throughout the root.

When a root canal is performed its goal is to maintain the remaining structures of the tooth in good shape to continue to provide support. When a root canal is completed at Uptown Family Dental, we ensure that every step is taken to maintain a healthy tooth as well as what to expect. That way you can also maintain the care that the root canal needs after its completion.

How Does A Root Canal Provide Support?

When a root canal is performed it is able to provide a great amount of support to the tooth in more ways than one. When it remains secure, it gives the dental crown of the tooth the necessary support while absorbing the bite pressure. From within, your tooth is able to receive the necessary nutrients through the root canal.

Infection Can Occur Without Realizing It

Although it is obvious to notice tooth decay when it occurs, the discomfort that it can create can make you realize that it is present. What many do not understand is how serious it can make your root canal become infected. The worst part is that it is able to progress and turn into internal decay.

Infection Can Spread

When decay becomes extreme, the tooth’s infection can easily spread to your jawbone. If this spread occurs, then the overall health of the tooth will be in jeopardy. In order to combat this, a tooth extraction may be the only method if there is no time for a root canal.

Be Aware Of Pain

A painful part of the tooth is the pulp. The reason why is because it holds all of the blood vessels and nerves. When you notice that the pain has gone away, do not think that the infection is gone too.

When the pulp dies, the associated pain will be no more. You will then begin to experience other symptoms such as swelling and pus as the infection makes its way to the root. Once you have swelling or pus, it is time to get to the dentist.

A Root Canal Is Not Protection

When a root canal is performed, it should not be considered a permanent fix to your dental issue. It also does not offer protection against cavities or gum disease. However, when a dental crown is placed on top of a root canal, this will help maintain the tooth and permit the root canal to function properly.

Are You A Good Candidate For A Root Canal?

Treatment with a root canal can be a confusing concept. This may be the case for you until you have had the procedure and appreciate its simplicity. This simplicity is what Uptown Family Dental offers for each root canal patient, but only after you give us a call at (971) 417-2135.

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