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Oral Cancer Screening
Portland, OR

Close up of a dentist examining a patient's mouth with a dental mirror at Uptown Family Dental in Portland, ORIt is a fact that your dentist loves seeing you and being a part of your preventive healthcare regimen. When you are having your dental exam, an oral cancer screening will be completed. If oral cancer is caught early, it is far easier to treat.

What is an Oral Cancer Screening?

Having an oral cancer screening is an important part of a dental exam. Your dentist will let you know that he is conducting this part of the exam which is basically looking at and feeling oral tissue to observe any abnormalities. The screening will likely involve the cheeks, tongue, gums, lips, and palate. As the dentist does your exam, they are feeling and searching for areas that may have changed such as sores, lumps, and any distortion of color. When an area appears suspicious, a biopsy may be ordered. You may need to be seen by an oral surgeon if surgery is recommended.

When your health history is being updated, you may be asked about any habits associated with cancer such as smoking or chewing tobacco. Some habits or exposures can increase the risk of oral cancer. If you have any concerns, please share them with your provider.

How Frequent Are Oral Cancer Screenings?

An oral cancer screening is done during a dental exam, typically when it is part of the hygiene appointment.

Time To Check With Your Dentist

If you are concerned about your oral health or notice abnormalities present that do not go away, we recommend you call Uptown Family Dental and schedule an appointment. Some concerning symptoms may include having red areas, growths, or ulcers. Additionally, if it is difficult to swallow or chew due to pain or discomfort, we recommend you call for an appointment.

It is never a good idea to wait or put off an appointment. It is impossible to predict pain. This is why it is important to get a hold of Uptown Family Dental before a small problem becomes a big one.

When an appointment is made with Uptown Family Dental, you can ask us what to expect about the screening. Give us a call at (971) 417-2135 to have your oral cancer screening conducted.

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When an appointment is made with Uptown Family Dental in Portland, you can ask us what to expect. Give us a call to have your oral cancer screening conducted.
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