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Dental Bridge
Portland, OR

Dental bridge being placed in a diagram of lower teeth at Uptown Family Dental in Portland, ORDental bridges are customarily used to restore a tooth that has been removed by filling the gap. Many dentists refer to them as a filler tooth and they are held in place by a crown. The crown that is placed will be over more than one tooth so that a proper anchor can be achieved.

After having a crown fitted by Uptown Family Dental, we can easily attach a dental bridge to keep the tooth in place. This will provide a natural appearance again and allow your bite to return to normal. If you do not have enough natural teeth, the dentist may implant teeth to accommodate the bridge.

Expectations Of A Bridge

Once you have determined that a bridge will benefit you, preparations will begin. Your dentist will start by getting the abutment tooth ready. This will involve an anesthetic injection so that pain can be lessened.

At a later date, you will have a bridge set on top of the abutment. For a while, your bridge could feel strange, but this feeling will go away once you have gotten used to it. After you have worn the bridge for a while, you will have a follow-up to ensure that the bridge is secure and adjusted correctly.

Bridge Care

Caring for your bridge is important and should not be any different than you would care for other teeth you have. Actually, it is recommended that a bridge be cared for by simply brushing on a routine basis. Plus, conducting regular flossing also decreases gum disease and helps eliminate decay.

As you floss, you need to remember that it must be done for the teeth surrounding the bridge. You need to also floss at the bridge’s base and along the gums. You can achieve a clean bridge by flossing once a day so that the plaque is always removed.

Price For A Bridge

Getting a bridge is an affordable way to replace teeth that are missing. Dental bridges are usually covered by dental insurance. The average price for a bridge can be as much as $1,000 for a single tooth.

Bridges Need Maintenance

As a bridge is worn, it will require maintenance by a dentist. This will be to reduce the amount of damage it sustains. In order to prevent damage, it is good to stay away from sticky food or even food that is hard.

Practicing oral health and scheduling dental appointments regularly will help the investment remain as long-lasting as possible. Although the bridge will last, it is important to understand that it is not a permanent dental appliance. This is why it needs to be maintained as much as possible.

Bridge Alternatives

When you are looking for an alternative to a bridge, the one choice used by many dentists will be a dental implant. A nice advantage to using an implant is the decreased amount of pressure on the surrounding teeth. The implant will also encourage healthy gums and bones.

Uptown Family Dental will be glad to assist with your bridge needs or even replace or maintain it. Our dentists will gladly make an assessment of your current bridge to determine its condition. Call us today at (971) 417-2135 to get your bridge started.

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Dental Bridge | Uptown Family Dental | Portland, OR
Uptown Family Dental will be glad to assist with your bridge needs. Call us today to get your bridge started.
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