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Woman sitting up in bed touching jaw in discomfort should make an appointment at Uptown Family Dental in Portland, ORKnown as TMJ, this is the mandible joint that permits a jaw to open and close and move in all directions. The bones that make up the TMJ include the temporal bone and mandible. When it comes to complexity, the TMJ is the most out of all of the body's joints.

Along with the joints, there are several muscles that assist with movement and permit the up and down movement. When alignment is made within the joint, the jaw and mandible are able to conduct chewing, swallowing, and other important actions. As you get a hold of Dr. Wiley, Dr. Parker and the team at Uptown Family Dental, we will educate you on how the TMJ works and what it involves.

Alleviating TMJ Discomfort

By ensuring that your posture is aligned you will be able to alleviate all TMJ discomfort. You can accomplish this by sitting in chairs that provide support to the back and taking time to stretch and stand up once regularly. Ensure that you are sitting upright.

This good posture should be practiced during all activities that are in and outside of the house. Be sure that the area you sit in permits a way for your back to remain aligned. This way, your back stays straight.

You can also implement exercises that are designed to correct your posture. You start by raising your chest, holding your shoulders towards the back, and squeezing the shoulders. This will straighten the muscles of the back.

Ensure You Have Enough Rest At Night

It is important that you get enough sleep each night as it will ensure you have good health. In order to keep TMJ pain at a minimum, you should sleep on your back while providing support to the head and neck. Try not to sleep on your stomach and when you lay on your side, ensure that your hand is not touching the jaw.

Implement Compresses

Using ice will alleviate pain and swelling that the TMJ experiences. If heat is used, blood flow is able to increase to the area to help the muscles in the jaw to rest. It is advised to hold the compress to the TMJ for at least 15 minutes but not directly placed on the skin.

Eliminate Bad Habits You May Have

We all have bad habits, but when you also have a TMJ condition, then the pain will certainly be felt. A few of the bad habits that can trigger a painful TMJ include teeth grinding, biting nails, jaw clenching, and lip chewing. Make sure that you are aware of your habits so that you can stop them before they cause you pain.

Surgical Interventions

When the pain in the TMJ becomes too great, implementing home remedies such as exercises may be needed. However, they may not alleviate the pain as much as you would like. If this is the case, then you may need surgical intervention.

To get your TMJ pain under control, it is important to get in touch with us at Uptown Family Dental to see what options are available to you. Call us (971) 417-2135 today to get your treatment started.

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To get your TMJ pain under control it is important to get in touch with us at Uptown Family Dental in Portland, OR. Call us today to get your treatment started.
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