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Porcelain Crown
Portland, OR

A dental crown above tooth and tooth with dental crown placed at Uptown Family Dental in Portland, ORHaving a smile that looks unattractive can be caused by many things such as eating unhealthy food, your genes, or even when your oral health is bad. But the thing to keep in mind is that you have many options available to help your beautiful smile return. One way that helps is by having porcelain dental crowns.

When you get in touch with Uptown Family Dental, we will happily provide you with this popular choice, among many others. With a porcelain crown, it will be able to fix many issues involving the teeth. This is why porcelain crowns are a great option for your smile.

Crowns Provide a Natural Look

Wanting to achieve a bright smile may have you wanting to obtain a teeth whitening treatment, but you may benefit even more from having a porcelain crown. The reason is that many stains may not be affected by whitening. But when a porcelain crown is used, it will be able to have the stain hidden.

Crowns Can Correct Issues Simultaneously

Having a porcelain crown can correct many issues that you may have. When an issue is present but not too serious, the teeth can appear straight when a porcelain crown is applied. This is especially true if a large amount of decay has weakened the tooth. Having a porcelain dental crown also means it will not stain.

Crowns Have Enhanced Protection Capabilities

When you have weak teeth caused by decay, cracks, or fillings, a ceramic crown will fix it. You can expect a weak tooth to shatter when they have areas that are vulnerable. If any pressure is present on the tooth, the tooth may also shatter.

Having a porcelain crown provides a new smooth surface. This will provide a higher amount of strength so that it does not break or chip.

If a molar is in need of a porcelain crown, then you will have one that is combined with metal. The metal within the crown will provide a more durable tooth as compared to normal crowns. This will be especially true if a crown is resin-based as it may become worn rather quickly.

A Porcelain Crown Keeps Exposure Down

Having a porcelain crown means that your tooth will be harder and stronger than the normal enamel that the tooth has. Having a crown is also a permanent solution due to the removal of enamel. This protection is great because there will be a smaller amount of tartar, bacteria, and plaque.

Regardless of this extra protection, you need to continue with your normal oral care due to them being exposed along the gums. When any irritation of the gums occurs, they could recede and cause bacteria to invade the tooth. The bacteria could even then get into the crown and cause problems.

Get Your Porcelain Crown Today

When you get your porcelain crown at Uptown Family Dental, you will be taking the first step in enhancing your smile. Give us a call today at (971) 417-2135.

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Porcelain Crown | Uptown Family Dental | dentist Portland, OR
When you get your porcelain crown at Uptown Family Dental in Portland, OR, you will be taking the first step in enhancing your smile. Give us a call today.
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