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Mouth Guard
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Close up of woman placing mouth guard into mouth at Uptown Family Dental in Portland, ORUsed as a retainer, the mouth guard is a tough piece of plastic that can be either soft or hard and is different from a sportsguard. It is designed to cover the entire bite while being worn. Due to many patterns of teeth, it is always a good idea to have your night mouth guard custom-fitted.

At Uptown Family Dental, we will ensure that yours is the perfect fit. We will mold it after having an impression made so that it will maintain the most comfort. No matter what it is called, the mouth guard will always get the job done.

Stop Damage From Occurring

Grinding teeth is a huge issue for many at night. Not only does it damage the teeth but it also hurts when you wake up in the morning. Having a mouthguard at night will alleviate the grinding so that your teeth remain in good shape as you sleep.

When grinding occurs, the damage could lead to a tooth fracture or a dental filling becoming worn. The tooth's surface can easily sustain the normal chewing pressure, but when the pressure is severely clenched, then it can become unbearable. Because of this, the result will always be a crack or fracture.

TMJ Disorder Is Prevented

With the TMJ connected to your jaw, it has a direct effect on the muscles you need to use for chewing. While clenching at night, the TMJ is experiencing a lot more pressure than normal and you could end up with a misaligned jaw. If a misalignment occurs, then a dysfunction will result.

When a mouthguard is worn, it will save you a trip to the emergency room if you sustain any damage to the articular disk. If this disk is damaged, it will cause your jaw to remain open. By having a mouthguard, the dysfunction is prevented by alleviating pressure and tension.

Stop Headaches From Occurring

If any headaches or other types of aches happen in the morning, then you can expect it to be caused by teeth grinding. If there is tension within the shoulders, neck, jaw, and mouth, then a headache will follow. When a mouthguard is created especially for you, it will easily put a stop to the headaches because the tension will be alleviated.

Get The Help You Need

Chances are, you want to always have the best night's sleep that you can. If you are unable to achieve good sleep, you may benefit from using a night mouthguard so that you can achieve it. By having a scheduled fitting at our dentist, you are taking the first step into obtaining better sleep.

When you get a hold of us at Uptown Family Dental today, we will take a look at everything related to the need for a mouthguard at night. The dentist will create your custom-fitted guard so that tooth grinding and headaches can subside. By calling (971) 417-2135, you will be on the right track to a good night's sleep.

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