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Implant Supported Bridges
Portland, OR

Rendering of jaw with dental bridge supported by dental implants at Uptown Family Dental in Portland, ORIf you are missing multiple consecutive teeth, it can hinder your ability to properly chew and can prevent you from eating foods you enjoy. It can also make you more susceptible to various conditions such as gum disease. If you are missing multiple teeth and are ready to restore your smile, our team at Uptown Family Dental can help through our restorative procedures. One popular and successful option available through our office is an implant supported bridge.

What Is a Bridge?

A bridge is a dental prosthetic that is designed to fill the gap left by your missing teeth. A bridge can replace a single missing tooth but is generally utilized when a patient is missing two or more consecutive teeth. Bridges are a non-removable restoration and can provide you with good bite strength and a complete, natural looking smile. Traditional bridges generally require that the tooth on either side of the gap be healthy enough to support the bridge.

A bridge is created by taking measurements of your mouth and taking x-rays. This information is utilized to create a custom bridge that will conform to your gum line and fill the void left by your missing teeth. It will take several weeks for your bridge to be made after your initial visit.

An implant supported bridge serves the same purpose as a traditional bridge, but it does not require that you have healthy abutment teeth on either side of it. When installing an implant supported bridge, our team will surgically place two metal posts on each side of the gap. These posts are installed directly into your jawbone and are made of titanium. After the posts are installed, the bridge is attached to them.

What Are the Benefits of Implant Supported Bridges?

Implant supported bridges offer many benefits over traditional bridges. A traditional bridge requires healthy abutment teeth. Attaching a bridge to these teeth can cause damage to them in the long term. An implant supported bridge does not need to rely on adjacent teeth for support. The posts make an implant supported bridge sturdier and more stable than a traditional bridge, allowing you to more naturally chew and bite.

Implant supported bridges can be removed for repairs and cleaning without damaging adjacent teeth. This allows for better maintenance to increase the longevity of your bridge. Our team will match the color of your bridge to the shade of your natural teeth to seamlessly blend the prosthetic into your smile.

How Long Do Implant Supported Bridges Last?

If you practice good oral hygiene habits and schedule regular professional cleanings with our team, your bridge can last up to 15 years. In addition to good oral hygiene habits, it is important that you avoid foods that could damage your bridge, such as extremely hard candy. The titanium posts will last for the rest of your life and will not need to be replaced.

Do not allow missing teeth to damage your confidence or keep you from eating foods that you enjoy. Contact our team at Uptown Family Dental and learn if an implant supported bridge is right for you. You can reach our office by calling us at (971) 417-2135.

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Implant Supported Bridges | Uptown Family Dental | Portland, OR
Contact our team at Uptown Family Dental and learn if an implant supported bridge is right for you.
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